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For years the founding members of Earth Shift have scoured the planet for the highest quality superfoods and essential transformational products available.

Earth Shift Products carries a wide variety of the most unique products on the market. Our products are meant to optimize your health and wellness. We are proud to offer only non-GMO superfoods packaged in reusable food-grade, non-BPA containers designed to eliminate toxic residue and cut down on waste. These are just two of many ways we at Earth Shift support a more naturalistic, sustainable, and non-toxic way of life.

 Raw, uncooked superfoods are less dense (easier to digest and make use of) than regular foods that are cooked and highly processed. Eating extremely nutritious, non-contaminated superfoods and utilizing other essential transformational products will expedite your conscious lifestyle transition.

 Raising our Consciousness is one of the main reasons to eat superfoods.

One way you can support more optimal living practices is to share your healthy findings. Please tell a friend about AMARAKA so they too can take part in more conscious living choices for the benefit of people and planet.

Becoming a member of AMARAKA and  Earth Shift Community not only saves you 35-70% off of market retail, but also helps us to become more sustainable, healthy, and vibrant.

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Dr Robert Cassar - Is a master of modeling physical health. He is an expert on methods to detoxify from heavy metals, chemicals, parasites, anaerobic microbes, yeast, mold and fungus and re-minerizaition of the body / mind with superfoods and other methods that he has used for many years. He is the founder of the ''wholesale consumer club'' and the  ''Lifestyle Community Network Makeover.''

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